Michelle Nguyen

Some Common Situations When Your Doctor May Prescribe Compounded Medication

If an off-the-shelf drug isn't able to meet your needs as a patient, your doctor may write a compound prescription for you. You will have to take the prescription to a pharmacy that offers compounding services, where the pharmacist will prepare an individualised medication for you. What are the various situations that may call for pharmacy compounding services? There are many different reasons why your doctor may recommend compounded medication for you. Read More 

Why Medicine Compounding Is Great for People With Lupus

If you have lupus, you're likely no stranger to taking medication. Many lupus patients have to take multiple medications a day to ease their array of symptoms. If your condition makes taking medicine difficult, you may benefit from a pharmaceutical compounding service. Here are 3 ways it could help you.  Reduced Gastrointestinal Symptoms The effects of lupus can be seen in any part of the body, and the gastrointestinal system is no exception. Read More